Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Soul's Purpose

Many of you know my story from my book, Manifesting Love from the Inside Out. Ten years ago, I ended a relationship with a TV star filled pain, betrayal, Hollywood-sized egos and the loss of my sense of self. From financial and personal ruin, I went on to earn a degree in psychology, two Masters Degrees in spiritual psychology and a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling.

As a young woman, I had everything society tells us we’re supposed to want – the successful modeling career, the relationship, the fame, the fortune -- and I found myself more depressed than ever. Why? Because I was not lined up with my soul’s purpose. Finally after significant pain and disappointment I changed my conversation with Spirit: rather than telling God what I wanted, I began to ask God what He wanted from me. This radically changed the direction of my life. I am now aligned with what my soul came here to do, I am happy, productive and fulfilled. But I could not have successfully journeyed the terrain alone - I could not have gone from confusion and despair to grace and joy without support from some amazing teachers, healers and friends.

Deepak Chopra has a wonderful quote: Within each of us is the embryo of God, and all the embryo of God wants is to be born. I consider myself a “Midwife to the Soul.” My degrees in psychology and spirituality offer a balanced approach to healing and wholeness. Often people on a spiritual path haven’t done their own psychological healing, so they tend to gloss over painful emotions. It is important to review our history and the beliefs we established as children -- what were the decisions you made about yourself as a young person? Do you believe the world is a safe place? Is money hard to come by? What were your relationships with your parents like? What were their relationships like? You’re going to tend to re-create those relationships you witnessed or experienced. What we experienced as a child is indelibly etched into the unconscious mind.

The other vital component is our relationship to the Universe, our connection to something greater than ourselves. For true healing to occur we need both sides of the coin: the head (psychology) and the heart (spirituality). One without the other is incomplete.

Our path home can begin to reveal itself when we have an earnest conversation with Spirit about what He would have us do, where He would have us go, what would He have us say and to whom. You have probably heard the saying, when the students ready the teacher appears. I have always found this to be the case.

Are you lined up with your soul’s purpose? Are you heading the right direction? Are you fulfilled in your life? If not, and you need support, be sure to be in touch! I am available for sessions, both in person and on the phone. Also I invite you to write me to share any thoughts or feelings.

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