Tuesday, November 24, 2009


With Thanksgiving almost upon us, ‘tis the “official season” of gratitude, however, gratitude is something that will never go out of style. To quote Johannes s Gaertner a well-known professor of art history, poet and theologian: “To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”

More than simply etiquette, good manners or a positive habit, gratitude is literally the most powerful energy of the Universe. My friend Stacey Robyn, author, creator and founder of gogratitude.org has written: “Imagine being given a master key, yours for all eternity to open all door of possibility - rejoice for it is so. Gratitude is the Master Key opening passage for opportunity, abundance and celebration.”

Cultivating an attitude of sincere gratitude for the blessings of your life, creates a magnetic force which draws to you even more to be grateful for. It can also shift and soften discomfort and anxiety when things are not going so well. Like the steering wheel of a car, consciously choosing to focus on gratitude can redirect the circumstances and the direction of your life. When I have been challenged, frustrated or annoyed I will plug in my mantra “thank you for this moment,” it consistently changes my attitude and vibration. This practice has supported me while impatiently waiting in a line or traffic, when I have dropped a box of straight pins on the floor or even when I have been in involved in an accident.

Often I will start my day with a list of gratitude, Abraham refers to this practice and the “Rampage of Appreciation.” Consider all things that you are grateful for - if you are honest and thorough you may find yourself occupied for a very long time! This is a powerful practice that raises ones vibration and point of attraction every time.

If you are ready to cultivate a deeper more conscious relationship with the powerful pratice of gratitude and radically change your life, you can sign up for Stacey’s 42 days of gratitude on her website www.gogratitude.org. She has prepared a series of 42short messages that you will receive one day at a time. The messages are uplifting, easy to digest, and appeal to both the left and right side of the brain. It is an amazing gift that you can give yourself and it is free! What a fantastic way to begin the season and an incredible way to step into the New Year! I have done it several times, it is always a grand adventure and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Let me know if you embark on the "gratitude adventure" and share your stories, I would love to hear from you! Abundant blessings of grace, ease, joy and gratitude!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Doesn’t feel like there is change in the air? It’s more than just summer surrendering to fall and more than simply one season fading into the next. It seems we are shifting into a completely different way of being and venturing into unchartered territory. I know for many of my friends and clients, there has been a sense of being disoriented, distressed and overwhelmed. Admittedly I have had plenty of those moments, however, I predominately feel a sense of excitement, optimism and anticipation.

It seems we are all being asked to step up our game and blind spots are clearly being revealed. I know my boundaries have been tested and my courage challenged, but I feel there are reasons for all of it. Sacred text advises us to “know thyself.” I believe the opportunity to cultivate self-knowledge and personal power is increased exponentially through challenge and change. The people who want to hold tightly to their victim stance are suffering more than ever, but if we are willing to let go of our story, sit with our challenging emotions, look within and go deeper, there is a wealth of wisdom available to each and everyone of us.

While dealing with confusing or challenging situations or emotions, I will sit still for a bit, quiet my mind and ask myself “what is my soul trying to learn” and “what is the highest good for all concerned,” the wisdom is always forthcoming. This inner counsel provides solace, advise, direction and guidance. It takes discipline to sit in silence, especially when pain or confusion is present - and the more we need it the more we seem to resist it. However, this simple practice can make change so much less confusing and painful!

I believe we are more divine than human and this present time is supporting us in knowing and embodying this truth. Taking the time to quite our mind and go within is a powerful way to reduce the chaos, reestablish our alignment to Source, and find our center. It is also a profoundly helpful practice as we continue to navigate through change and expand in our consciousness and awareness.

When we decide to stay in the center of our hearts it not only lights the way more clearly for ourselves, it lights the way for all of those around us. Be still, sit in the center of your heart and align with the light and wisdom within. These are indeed powerful and exciting times and I am happy to be here now - how about you? Let me know your thoughts and feelings, I would love to hear from you!

Monday, November 2, 2009


This week I am going to discuss the balancing act of being divine and being human. Most of us have heard the saying “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” What does that mean? To me it means we are much more than we think we are. The human aspect is a very small, yet very important part of who we are. It is helpful when we are in great pain or emotion, (anger, grief, sadness) to remember there is an aspect of ourselves that is peaceful, safe, content and happy. Often our discomfort can pull us out of our center and into the chaos of life. This is natural, but it can be helpful to remember, that we are much more than our small selves, our stories and our pain.

I believe as humans we are here to experience and explore. Our greatest gifts (and challenges) are free will and choice. This can be fun and exciting; it can also be painful and confusing. What I have found to be helpful in those painful and confusing moments, is to remind myself that life can be like WATCHING a movie, not BEING the movie. Sure that is a choice, but when life is challenging, it can help to have a more removed perspective and some space between oneself and their story.

Challenging relationships are one of the richest areas for both confusion and growth. So often people want to hold on to their stories of being a victim, being wronged or taken advantage of that they never see the situation as it was meant to be…an opportunity for growth, healing and learning. I once had a student I found very challenging. I thought if she would go away it would make things better and easier. What I did not see for some time was she my teacher. I had set an intention to get stronger, so here came an individual to help me claim that intention. When she showed up, I felt confounded and confused by her deeply entrenched victim story. All the while, I perceived myself as a victim of her energy! When I finally extracted myself from the movie, backed up, got into the seat at the theater and asked myself; what is my soul trying to learn? The answer was strength, courage, speaking up and clear boundaries.

The divine part of me wanted to embrace this student, the human part, not so much. So I honored my spirutal aspect (I love you and honor your journey) and I honored my human aspect (this relationship does not feel good). So I released her with love, respect and a couple of recommendations to counselors who may be better able to support her. The lesson was big, uncomfortable yet profoundly liberating once I got it. Next time I will know more, and move through future challenging situations, with more grace, clarity and ease.

We have a choice to view everything on our human journey with a spiritual context. This is not only helpful but immensely liberating. Do you have a story to share? A question to ask? Comment me or email me directly at yes2miracles@aol.com.