Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Self Love

A very interesting week at the Art 4 healing program! I put glitter paint on some of my abstract paintings…much to the chagrin of the teacher. As she was clearly (and loudly) expressing her displeasure about the bling…I felt my heart beating REALLY HARD in my chest, I was confused, wasn’t this course about personal self expression? Should I apologize? Defend myself? Explain myself? Crawl away and hide myself? Instead, I chose not to take it personally, to love my glitter - and to love me.

In the four agreements Author Don Miguel Ruiz tells us not to take anything personally. “Nothing others do is because of you, what others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinion and actions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

As a recovered People Pleaser, this was something really new for me. In the past I would have withered up and died. But this time I did not let the opinion of another (an authority figure no less!) pull me out of my own self approval and self love. I think our biggest hurt and heartache comes from withdrawing our approval from ourselves. If we can learn to love ourselves no matter what, life is so much less painful and so much more fun!

I learned a lot of new techniques and obtained some great healing tools this week (and created some cool glittery paintings!) but the most important thing I learned is that I have come a loooong way on the journey to Self love! I am happy to report I really do like and approve of me….even if others do not! Write to me with your wins about Self-love, it would be great to hear from you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Try a Little Kindness

Have you ever had the experience where life just flowed along effortlessly, when you felt supported and blessed? Alternatively have you ever felt really stuck, when nothing you do seems to work? I used to get very upset and confused when those “stuck times” occurred. I now look at it differently, I take it as information from the Universe that it is time to relax, go inward and take care of myself.

People often mention how blessed I seem to be and I would agree. However, it wasn’t always this way. When I was mean to myself, life was unkind. Now that I constantly check in with myself and ask the questions “what honors me now? or “how can I be gentle with myself? Life has seemingly transformed in miraculous ways.

Last week I felt a bit stuck. I kept making calls and trying to make things happen, then, I remembered I was preparing to go into an intensive healing art program - the light went on! It was time to go into my cocoon and be quiet and kind to myself. I shifted gears and relaxed. Buddha has said: “There is no out there,” everything that happens is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. So, if you want life to be nicer to you, start being nicer to yourself. Be kind, gentle and honor yourself, then wait for the miracles to happen!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My husband decided we needed to go on a family vacation this year, so we made plans to take our yacht to Catalina Island. The boys (ages 17 and 11) were very excited. We have a new jet ski, snorkel, fins and various other water toys. It sounds like a fun- filled vacation don’t you think? What we did not anticipate was the rocking and rolling of the sea! Once we arrived at Avalon Bay and got ourselves moored, the rocking really ensued. It wasn’t long before the family was various shades of green.

I descended below deck and as the boat weaved and bobbed, I felt disoriented and nauseas. I realized this could be a pretty painful week. Carl Jung once said “what we resist persists.” I knew it was futile to resist the ocean, so I consciously decided to find center, make peace with situation and make friends with the waves. Life improved immediately.

To center myself, I sink into the area of my solar plexus (right below the belly button) and become aware of the flow of my internal energy. When I sink into my center, I feel very peaceful, present, calm and connected. My husband and his kids needed Dramamine and lots of shore time, while I felt the sea was embracing me, loving me and rocking me to sleep. Once again my “journey to center” and the power of intention vastly improved my vacation - and my life! If you have stories about centering or the power of intention, please share them with me! Also please check out my website at www.journeytocenter.com.

Monday, July 6, 2009


If I HAD to choose my favorite holiday, it would be the Fourth of July. For me July represents celebration and freedom - freedom to be alive, to enjoy living, to give full and complete expression to every capacity we possess. To quote Moshe Dayan: Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

For the most part I live in a wonderful state of inner freedom. Even though I have always lived in this great nation, I have not always felt free. More than a simple statement about one’s physical location, it is a state of being. When I was unclear in regard to my boundaries or worth, life was scary, overwhelming and painful. Although I was technically “free”, I was too afraid and in too much pain to enjoy it! I have since tightened up my boundaries and have done the inner work necessary to experience true freedom. Now with my healthy boundaries in place, I feel safe, balanced, happy and whole.

I love doing Mandalas,
you start with the creation of a clear boundary (the circle), then from that place infinite possibilities are available. In my book Manifesting Love From the Inside Out, I quote Chuck Connradt, a motivational speaker, in my chapter about boundaries: “Freedom is greatest with the boundaries are clearly defined. Knowing my boundaries and residing in my center is what supports me in experiencing a more consistent state of peace and freedom. Are you free? Write to me and let’s talk about it!