Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Wisdom Within

People that come to see me for counseling are often motivated by intense pain, confusion, hurt or fear.  I ask them to claim their intentions about what they want, where they want to go and how they want to feel.  My intention is to take them as far, high and deep as they want to go, because in truth, we can never exceed that intention.  I may want for someone to be happy, healthy and fulfilled, but if they only want temporary relief that will be the destination. 

Often once intentions have been claimed, and IF they really want to “go for it” we often end up doing guided meditations. This process helps access subconscious blocks, clear limiting beliefs and heal childhood hurts.  Guided meditations are also a powerful way to access one’s own inner wisdom and find the “right” answers to one’s personal questions.  Sure, it is compelling to go to a psychic, and it is great to experience the advice from someone we respect, but when we tap into our own wisdom, it is truly transformational and can change our lives in an instant!

Though I love to share my opinion and perspective about how life works here on planet Earth (and sometimes I do) it is so much more powerful to hold space and allow a person to find their own truth.  Every single one of us has profound wisdom and knowing within, however, most of us were not taught how to access it.

Did you grow up hearing any of these kinds of statements? Do what your told; I don’t care how you feel; clean off your plate, children in China are starving!  Money doesn’t grow on trees; You did that wrong; Your bad; That’s stupid.  Or did you ever just feel you were not that valuable, important, listened to, or loved? If you can relate to any of these examples, it is likely the loving voice of your inner wisdom fell silent and fear based beliefs started to take up residence in your psyche.

The good news is, despite any inaccurate information you heard or began to believe, that wise, wonderful, loving voice is still inside of you.  And the GREAT news is you can begin to access it through the silencing your intellectual, thinking mind, and listening for the still small voice of the heart.  Some of the ways I have found to effectively do this is to set my intention, light a candle, play some soothing music, or sit quietly in nature. Next, I focus on my breath.  Once my “monkey mind” relaxes (which can take from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on how crazy the monkey is feeling that day) I ask the question I want the answer to.  Often I need to be patient, but eventually, (or sometimes quickly) an answer or information drops into my awareness, which sounds and feels very different than what my conscious thinking mind conjures up.  With this information comes profound AHA’s, epiphanies, clarity and peace.

Do you have questions you want the answer to? Are you confused about the nature of physical world reality, relationships, or money?  If so, try this simple technique and see what happens.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If you are challenged in accessing your wisdom, please be in touch with me and I would be honored in supporting you turn up the volume of that still small voice within.

You have more power than you think! You have more wisdom then you know!  Turn inward with the intention to activate and hear your own inner brilliance and let me know what happens next! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who's in the Driver's Seat of your Life?

It is true, I will admit it: for years I wanted to live a big bold, blow it out of the water life.  And I did!  It was fun...until it wasn’t.  After being with my big, bold, famous, blow it out of the water, fiancĂ© for a couple of years, things started not feeling so great.  I ended up with health challenges, debilitating fatigue and depression. I sought help from many medical professionals: allopathic physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, holistic doctors. I prayed, I meditated, I went to retreats, I did cleanses, treatments, pills, herbs, name it I tried it.  But nothing worked. I still felt horrible, sick and sad.

Then I stumbled on one of those magical books changes your perception of life, and yourself, forever: “Coming Home: The Return to True Self.”  I was fortunate enough to find the author, Martia Nelson, and experienced a life altering session with her.  She said to me “Tammi, your ego wants this big, bold, blow it out of the water life, because it mistakenly believes THAT is what it will take for you to feel vibrantly, vitally alive.  But what your soul and True Self wants is to go into the realm of subtleties.” Martia invited me to surrender to my soul. I thought to myself: “Crap! No!  Say it isn’t so!”  I loved LA!  I loved shopping on Rodeo Drive, I loved red carpets and private jets! least my ego did.

In the end I had no choice but to surrender. My health and my soul insisted.  My ego begrudgingly got into the back seat of the car of my life, and my soul slipped into the driver’s seat and firmly took a hold of the steering wheel.  And yes, life took a very different direction. My famous fiancĂ©, replaced me and I went back to school.  I began to study subtle holistic practices: Cranial Sacral, Polarity Balancing, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Psychology.  Though my ego did not like much of what was going on, I believe my soul celebrated. As a bonus, I started feeling healthier, more present and more alive.

I began to see, feel, and experience life very differently.  The colors took on deeper and richer hues, I began to notice the birds, the clouds - and people! For so many years, without even realizing it, my ego was saying “look at me!  Aren’t I pretty? Aren’t I great?”  Now what I found myself naturally doing was, “Wow look at you!  You are beautiful!  Aren’t you AMAZING?”  My life went from “What can I get, to what can I give.” And I have to say, it feels so much better!

Today I no longer struggle with my health, I feel vibrantly, vitally, wonderfully alive.  And though I love an occasional dinner with friends in Beverly Hills, or a nice party, for the most part live a pretty quiet life with my “soul chosen” husband. I write books, I have a counseling practice, I do a radio show.  I enjoy feeding the ducks and the humming birds. I love kissing elk and hugging horses.  I paint, I teach, and yes, I stop to smell the roses. In other words, I live in the realm of the subtleties.  Another thing I have found, is that there is magic, miracle, sparkles, beauty, deep love and great joy in this realm! 

What I know for sure is inviting my soul to lead is what lead me to this place.  Another thing I know, is surrendering to ones soul can be scary, full of unexpected twist and turns and disorienting adventures. It takes courage and faith to go into the mystery of unchartered territory, but in the end to be fully vibrantly alive we MUST be in partnership with our soul.

So, are you partnered up with your soul and True Self? Or are you still trying to figure things out by yourself, and from the level of your ego and  intellect?  Are you more concerned about what you can get or what you can give?  Are you still seeking “big and bold” in order to feel alive, or are in touch with the realm of subtitles?  

My hope and prayer for you is that you are feeling joyful, “on track” and vibrantly, vitally wonderfully alive!