Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Inviting Goodness and Grace Through Gratitude

Gratitude is something that never goes out of season and can be seen as spiritual practice that softens our energy, heals our mind, opens our heart, and aligns us more directly with our soul.  With that being said, as the holidays approach, I believe it is a powerful time to start, or uplevel, our practice of active appreciation. 

A partial list of the benefits of cultivating gratitude includes: healing our relationships; strengthening our bodies; increasing compassion; resolving guilt; dissolving shame; mending our broken hearts; and align us more directly with Source. Gratitude can also invite prosperity, opportunities, grace, ease, comfort, AND usher miracles into our lives.

How can gratitude do all of this? As we surrender any thoughts of victimhood, and quit hanging on to grievances, as we let go of any notion that we are small, less important than others, unworthy or weak, and as we surrender judgment, we uproot the toxic weeds in the garden of our lives and start to make space for the flowers we really want.

If we look a half empty glass with anger, judgement and frustration, it will drain the glass til it is completely empty. When we start to appreciate the half full glass, the glass will begin to fill up, and eventually overflow with blessings.
Consciously considering gratitude can transform traffic jam torture into a helpful healing retreat.  It can make a bad situation tolerable, and a good situation great. Gratitude can turn a hovel into a sanctuary, and a challenge into an adventure. A loss into a learning, and illness into healing. Appreciation can transform anxiety into equanimity, pain into peace, pushing into patience, and hurt into hope. When we give up expectation and instead focus on appreciation, our energy is transformed, and therefore so will be our lives.  

When we turn our attention away from focusing on what is bad, sad, wrong, what hurts us, and makes us angry, AND INSTEAD pay more conscious attention to what is good, right, positive and what our soul is learning, we increase our wattage and uplevel our vibration.  And because like attracts like, and because water always finds its own level, it is spiritual law that what we manifest from this space will FEEL better, LOOK better, and BE better.

When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes. 

Why am I such an advocate and proponent of gratitude? And how do I know it works? Because it has been the key ingredient in healing my body and health, my finances and prosperity, it has helped reveal my life’s purpose, it has healed my relationships, and help me attract the love of my life.

Body Issues: Instead of continuing to be mad at my body for weighing too much and not being healthier, I started to actively appreciate it. Subsequently I started to naturally drop the extra weight and my health improved.

Money: When I stopped complaining about my money struggles and started appreciating all of the examples of prosperity in my life, my finances started to increase. 

Life purpose: When I stopped saying “I am confused, what am I supposed to be doing?” and started appreciating each day, and each person in front of me, the fog started to lift. Opportunities and amazing people “miraculously” started to appear. I believe everyone’s life purpose is about love, and can start to be revealed through the practice of gratitude.

Relationships: When I complained about being abandoned and betrayed, I attracted more people who abandoned and betrayed me. As I told my sad story others, I received a lot of pity. On some level I wanted to be perceived as the innocent victim.  When I meditated about this situation I got this message: “You cannot move forward with grace and attract goodness, as long as you are looking at your past with grievances.”  I got it.  I had to give up my story, I also had to start looking at it differently. Gratitude helped me do this.
It took me a while to compile the list, but this is what I came up with:

~ I am grateful for the soul level learnings from this relationship.
~ I am grateful for the experiences and the laughter, for the good times and the fun.
~ I am grateful to learn more about creating boundaries and cultivating discernment.
~ I am grateful to have experienced things I do not want, so that I can become more clear about what I do want.

As I embarked on my gratitude practice, it helped turn the tides of my life from feeling powerless and small, to feeling empowered and peaceful.

Greed, whining, being a victim, and entitled is a fear-based REPELLING energy. Gratitude, appreciation, being empowered,and gracious is a love-based ATTRACTIVE energy.

As I started to live a life of greater gratitude, I attracted people that lived from this beautiful space as well. This is how I attracted true love and my amazing husband. And when people ask why this relationship works, I say, because I lead with appreciation every day.

Consider this scenario: You have two friends. You give them both a small thoughtful gift for the holidays. One of your friends responds by saying “Oh my goodness, this is so lovely! Thank you for thinking of me, I am so touched and so very grateful!” Then they send you a nice thank you card in the mail.  Feels nice huh? 

The second friend, opens the gift and says: “Oh, well, I already have one. I would have preferred something else. I don’t really like it, I hate this color.” Does not feel so nice huh? If this was their constant attitude, who would you want to spend more time with? 

The bottom line is everything in the Universe (including the Universe) responds more favorably to appreciation and positivity then judgment and negativity: animals, children, plants, our bodies, our finances, and our relationships. In other words, all of life.

We all have a choice, we can focus on the dust on the table, or the rose in the vase

If you are ready to say yes to a life of greater goodness, grace, graciousness and gratitude here are some suggestions to get the appreciation party started.

~ Begin your day counting all of your blessings.

~ Start a gratitude journal, and at the end of the day write down EVERYTHING good that happened to you. Express appreciation for all of the things, people, situations, synchronicities and experiences you are grateful for.

~ Write a list of all of the things you like about you: your talents, gifts, body, mind, and everything that makes you unique and awesome.

~Send a letter or a card to the people that you appreciate, share with them the things that you like most about them and all that you are grateful for.

~ Write a letter of appreciation to the Universe.

~ Look for things through the day to be grateful for and appreciate.

~ Receive graciously! Say THANK YOU to everyone and everything that comes forward in your life that is a wink of kindness and/or goodness.

~ Look around your immediate environment right now and observe things to appreciate. This can include colors that are pleasing to your eye, anything of beauty, the construction and people that made the space possible, any plants, nature, gifts, art, books, letters, bills, (Yes even for this we can find reasons to be grateful!)  Find one thing at a time to appreciate and allow this appreciation to expand inside of you, growing your heart space, stretching it out and expanding your energy field to fill up the space and then ripple out to your entire home, community, family, state, nation, content, and world.

~ Write down the positive things you have learned from the challenging people and situations in your life (the truth is, there is far more soul level learning available in the tough times and challenges than the easy and effortless times). We turn the direction and momentum of our life from a downward spiral, to an upward ascent when we can find things to be grateful for in the painful,hurtful,challenging relationships and situations.This is when we extract the diamond from the coal, surrender our victim posture, claim our authentic power, and start to become a magnet for magnificence.

What you focus on increases, therefore conscious gratitude is like turning the steering wheel of your life AWAY from where you DO NOT want to go, and TOWARDS where you DO want to go.

If you can imagine a high rise building, as we are complain, feel like a victim, moan and groan, we are on a lower level floor, and we will naturally connect with other people and attract situations on this same floor and frequency. As we start to practice conscious gratitude, it is like walking into the elevator and hitting a button to go to higher level. As you walk out on this floor, you will meet and connect with higher level people and situations. This is the law of attraction  - and spiritual law!

Additionally we all manifest what we can hold for. As we spend more time expanding in gratitude, we attract more miracles, opportunities, prosperity, amazing people, beauty, joy and more.  I guarantee there is no downside, only upside, to experimenting with this healing practice. 

When we are in gratitude, we attract even more to be grateful for. 

Gratitude is the surest way I know to change your vision of the world. It is how we take off those old, outdated prescription lenses and put on the new, updated clear lenses so you see your life in a more beautiful, empowered, accurate, optimistic and joyful way! 

If you are skeptical, I invite you to give it a try for just one week. I am confident you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin, less stressed, more optimist, AND start attracting more great opportunities.  

When we reside more consistently in a state of gratitude, our life start to unfold with less effort and more grace. We naturally attract people and situations that assist us in reaching our highest purpose and potential. Get the in the habit of saying thank you, thank you, thank you under your breath throughout the day, try on as many of the gratitude exercises as you can and perhaps come up with some of your own (I would love to hear about them!)!

It would also be an honor to share with you my "Expanding in Gratitude Meditation" to get your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind congruent, consistant and on board. Just email me at, subject line Gratitude! And I will gift you with the Mp3.

In the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time for to read my blog, and for being part this energy of appreciation.  Know I am holding you in my heart, meditation, and prayers. I am also sending you blessings of grace, ease, kindness, sweetness, appreciation, gratitude, respect, and great love.  

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Is Your Life Built on a Foundation of Fear? Or Love?

We live on an amazing planet!  Anything that can be found in heaven can also be found on Earth.  I also believe this is a plant of duality and encompasses the extremes. So, though it can be heaven, it can also be a place of anguish, deep fear, and immense pain. 

When I was younger, without consciously knowing it, I had built my life on a foundation of fear. It was simply what was "handed down to me." Unknowingly, I did my best to control things, and I felt unworthy, unlovable, and unimportant.  Surprisingly, things did not go so well.  My health was “not great,” my relationships were “challenging,” and my prosperity was “minimal.”

Then one day, someone posed the question Einstein deemed as the MOST important question we can ask and answer for ourselves: “Is the Universe a safe a loving place or not?”

My knee jerk response was NO! Definitely NOT SAFE!  Look at how the bad guys win, look at how I have been taken advantage of and abused!  Look how I struggle and suffer! Then I had an epiphany …perhaps I was suffering, struggling, being abused, and taken advantage of BECAUSE I did not believe the Universe was safe and loving – BECAUSE I held a deep, buried, subconscious belief that I was NOT supported and loved.

In that moment,  I decided to be like a spiritual scientist.  I decided to “pretend” for a while, that I WAS safe, I WAS loved, and that the Universe WAS on my side.  For just a little bit…maybe a week or two. And if things did not go well, I could go back to this current way of being, that was really not working for me. 

I then chose to have an authentic conversation with the Universe, and share my plan and intention:

Dear God, Universe, All that Is, or Whatever made me:

I have to admit, I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel like you like me very much.  I don’t feel loved or supported. But I am willing to open my heart and mind to the possibility that I am. I am willing to try different way of being…for a little while.  In this moment I invite You in.  I am choosing to relax, surrender, and trust You.  I ask that you guide me, protect me, and bring to me whatever it is you want me to have.  In this moment I open my heart to You,  and now I take a deep breath, and relax into a sense of safety, peace, and into love.

Thank you, Amen, and So it Is.


Then I relaxed.  I imagined what it would feel like to be loved by the Universe. In the mornings I would visualize being on a fluffy white cloud surrounded by angles, sweetness and love. At night I pretended I was being rocked to sleep by a really nice, loving and supportive God who deeply cared about me.  I started taking the beauty of the sunsets, the beach, mountains, butterflies and all of nature personally. I opened my eyes and started scanning the horizon, I was looking for the "good things," the positive things, the beautiful things, and chose to perceive them as “proof” that I was loved.

This was radically different from my previous way of being, and the concept of the hell-fire and brimstone God I lived with for most of my life.  It was also a significant shift to lay down my burden of worry, and the heavy toxic bag of fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame I had been carrying around for as long as I remember.  And as I did, I felt such relief!

Almost immediately I was met with “winks” from the Universe. A great job opportunity presented itself, people seemed to be kinder and more complimentary, I sold a couple of my paintings and was commissioned to do another one. My headaches dissipated, my stomach stopped burning so much, and I dropped a couple of pounds without even trying! 

After a couple of weeks, I felt a radical transformation was underway.  My “experiment” seemed to be going quite well!  Now, more than a decade after embarking upon my “I am loved by the Universe experiment” I am happy to report, I never did go back to that other way painful of being.

Today I am absolutely confident the Universe IS a safe and loving place. This does not mean challenging things do not happen, it does not mean life does not hurt sometimes. What it does mean is that I no longer take painful situations as an indication that I am unloved, being punished, or unworthy. Bumps and bruises along this human journey are inevitable. However, what I have accepted and deeply know to be true, is that God adores me, as he does every one of His children. And because I have accepted this as my personal truth,  I get to experience a life of peace, safety, prosperity, awesome relationships, inspired creativity, vibrant health, and great love.  And I KNOW I would NOT be in this place, and living this amazing life, if I had not consciously decided to open my heart, invite God in, and relax into a faith-based, loved-based relationship with the Universe.

What I know for sure is that we were created by love, for love and with love.  But we live on a plant of free will and choice. A loving relationship with our Creator will never be forced on us. Each one of us needs to take personally responsibly to open our heart and mind to love. We must each make the conscious choice to invite love in and partner with the Divine. And I think the angels and God celebrate when we do!

There is so much love and support for you here. Do you believe this? And have you opened your mind and your heart to receiving it?  If you have, you know how wonderful life can be!  And if you have not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this experiment a try!

If you would like support, please be in touch and I will share with you a free written "Inviting Love In" prayer and MP3 guided meditation.  I created it with love for anyone who wants to expand into a more love-based partnership with the Universe. Just email me at and I will send it right over to you. 

Sending you blessings of peace, joy, prosperity, grace, ease, and great love.

Reverend Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

P.S. If you would like to listen to my interview with John Crewdson at Modern Day Qi Magazine and hear more about transcending fear, the three reasons we incarnate, living a life of faith and great love, copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Making Friends with Your Inner Saboteur

Several years ago, I thought to myself: “Why is life SO HARD?” I know I am intelligent, fairly attractive, and I am pretty nice…. so why can't I attract a relationship with a good guy? why can’t I keep these last 10 pounds off? Why can’t I make more money?  

As I thought about this, I had to admit, I HAD attracted nice guys…I just wasn’t attracted to them. I had gotten very close to my ideal weight goal - but then would eat a pile of donuts.  I had many opportunities to make money, but did not follow through with my action steps and commitments. But WHY - What the heck is WRONG WITH ME? 

Then I heard Caroline Myss talk about the Archetype of the Saboteur, and that every human being has this aspect. She said: “This may be the most difficult of all the archetypes to understand, because its name is associated with betrayal. Yet the purpose of this archetype is not to sabotage you. The Saboteur's fears and issues are all related to your inner sense of value that causes you to make choices that block your own empowerment and success.”

I found this information compelling and decided to dig deeper into the concept of Saboteur. I learned, though the Saboteur may initially seem “bad,” they have an important job to do. And beneath any negative manifestations, they always have positive intentions. The Saboteur wants to keep things status quo (even if the status quo is not great), and wants to keep us safe (even if that means keeping us overweight, broke, alone and/or small).  

What I was learning rang very true to me.  So, I put my guided meditation skills to work and decided to inwardly connect with this aspect of myself.

As I relaxed into a meditative state, I invited my Saboteur to come talk to me.  I was not sure what to expect. I was really surprised when my imagination conjured up an image of a small nun, complete with rosary beads and a black habit.  I wondered if this was somehow a mistake. But as our conversation ensued, it was clear, she was indeed the aspect preventing me from manifesting what I consciously wanted.  

I asked her name, she said Teresa. I asked her why I was having such problems in my life and why success was so elusive.  She said she didn’t want me to get "too big for my britches." This made me laugh out loud. Then I asked her what her deeper intentions were. She said to keep me grounded, humble, and close to God.  Wow! I found this fascinating!  I asked her if there were things we could do together, that would help me manifest greater prosperity in my life. I was thrilled when she said YES! I asked her what she wanted from me.  She said:

1. I want you to commit to tithing at least 10 percent of all the money you make.
2. I want you to start every day, devoting yourself to God and spending time in prayer.
3. You have to meditate on a daily basis. 
4. Promise to never get "too big for your britches" or think you are better than anyone else. In other words, love Gods children.  

Sure I can do those four things!  She said as long as I did my part, she would do her part to make sure that things would be more graceful, easy, and prosperous in my life. I then asked her if she would be my friend, an ally and like a promotion. She said SURE! She said, rather than be called a Saboteur, she asked that I call her my "Spiritual Adviser."  Then she started to transform. She seemed to get younger, she changed out of her “bad black habit” and put on a stylish suit.   

After this session, wonderful opportunities started to “miraculously” present themselves - and I had no inclination to sabotage them. And the manifestation has continued. Today I manifest the things I want with grace and ease, and I have to say Teresa and I are an incredible team! 

Another example of making friends with her Inner Saboteur is my client Jamie.   Jamie struggled intensely  with her weight. She knew she was making bad dietary choices, but could not seem control herself.  When she first came to me, she was very angry at herself, and embarrassed about her “lack of self-control.”  I told her not to beat herself up, that there was something important going on, and my intention was to help her figure it out. I suggested getting in touch with her Inner Saboteur and she agreed. We did a guided meditation and this is what happened:

After the induction, I asked her to invite her Saboteur to join us.  Jamie said: “Yes, I see her coming towards me - and she is a REALLY HUGE warrior woman, she has a shield and a sword.  I would not want to mess with her!”  I asked Jamie to ask this aspect what her name was and what her deeper intentions are.   “She says I can call her Helga…and she is saying her intention is to protect me from getting too much attention.”   Jamie started to cry. She had been molested as a young girl, and was still carrying subconscious wounds from the experience. Jamie started to understand Helga was really on her side. I had them dialogue about how to come up with a plan and some actions steps to keep her safe. This included working on healthy boundaries, taking care of her Inner Child, speaking up and telling her truth, and taking a self defense class.

Jamie agreed to the action steps Helga presented to her. As Jamie followed through with her commitments, the weight starting naturally dropping away. Her Saboteur has been given a promotion and is now her “Protector.” 

Today Jamie maintains her ideal weight and says it is a miracle how this simple practice completely transformed her life. Jamie said: “I tried Weight Watchers, I starved myself, I worked out 3 hours a day, but until Helga was on board, and got her needs met, there was no way things were going to change -  and no way she was going to let me drop the weight.”  Jamie's words were very wise. Will power and hard work are no match for the Inner Saboteur!  

Another common  message the Saboteur shares is: "Your not important enough or special enough to have what you want." (You can assure them from God's perspective you are - so who are you to argue?!) Then what often comes forward, if the conversation is allowed to continue: "I am just trying to protect you from getting your hopes up, being hurt, or disappointed." A very powerful intention buried beneath a seemingly negative message. The most important thing you can do, if this shows up as part of the conversation, is set the intention to love yourself more.  This will raise your vibration, elevate your glass ceiling or "upper limits," and increase your "inner love container," where you will naturally start to attract more good in your life - and be able to graciously receive it when it shows up.   

If it resonates for you, and you are ready to make friends with this powerful aspect and open to a healing conversation, find some time to go inward and follow these simple steps:

1. You may want a journal or note book to write down the wisdom that comes forward.
2. Light a candle, and set your intentions to connect with your Inner Saboteur, and for the highest possible healing to occur.
3. Relax and focus on your breathing for about 5 minutes, or until your “monkey mind” relaxes, and your thoughts slow down.
4. Imaging walking down 10 steps to your “Inner Healing Sanctuary.”
5. Get a sense of your surroundings and then ask your Inner Saboteur to join you.
6. When they arrive, ask them their name, or what they would like to be called.
7. Ask them what their intentions are, or purpose is.
8. Ask them what they are afraid of.
9. Ask them what they really want? What would they love to do?
10. Ask them if they would like a promotion, or to work together with you, so you can both have a more fulfilling, happy life
11. Ask them what action steps you need to take, or commitments you need to make, so you can become friends, allies and partners.
12. Thank them and let them know you are so grateful for this opportunity to be friends, and become more empowered, congruent, and successful.

If you agree to any action steps, be sure to follow through. If you don’t, your challenging circumstances will not change - and may even get worse.

If you need additional support, here is a link to 30 minute guided meditation to help you walk through this process. Making Friends with Your Saboteur

If you purchase it, please email me at and let me know. I will then gift you my “Relaxing into Self-Love” guided meditation. This meditation will assist you in expanding your "inner container," relax into gracious receptivity, and help you attract support, prosperity, and synchronicity in your life. 

Know I am here to answer any questions you might have, just shoot me an email at  I am also available for private sessions. Just go to and fill out the “Work with Tammi” form. 

I hope this information supports you, as it has Jamie, me, and hundreds of my clients.

Life does not have to be so hard! We incarnated to learn the lessons of love and have a good time.  As you do this inner work, and become more congruent within yourself, your life will naturally start to expand, and become more graceful, easy, joyful, love-based, and prosperous.

I hope you know how amazing and exquisite you are. How awesome, wonderful, worthy, and valuable you are.   And may you manifest all of your hearts desires! 

You are in my heart, prayers and meditations, (Teresa says this is part of the deal!). And I am sending you blessings of light and great love on your human adventure.

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Power of Daydreaming!

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between what you do, what you imagine and/or what you observe.  If you want improve or change your outer reality, focus on, and take responsibility for your inner reality.

Give yourself permission to relax for a few minutes every day and daydream!  Many may think this is a waste of time, but really this is one of the most important and empowering ways to make the best possible use of your time.

Sure hard work can be considered noble. Pushing and pressing is something a lot of people do in an attempt to achieve their goals. However, a far more effective way of manifesting what you want, is to get into the feeling state of being, doing, having and enjoying, whatever it is you want to be, do, have and enjoy.

If you want to manifest a great relationship, imagine having a great relationship! Daydream about romantic dates, going for a walk on the beach, and having wonderful heart-based conversations. Get into the feeling state of this awesome connection, with this amazing human, in great detail and ENJOY IT! 

If you want to be well compensated for doing what you love, imagine doing what you love! Then imagine people paying you handsomely, and being so very grateful and excited about the exchange of energy.   Open your heart, imagine, and allow it to carry to to a high vibrational, good feeling state. 

These are two scenarios I have personally experimented with. They helped me attract the man of my dreams and create the prosperous, fulfilling career of my wildest imagination.  Both my relationship and my career happened in my heart and mind before they happened in my life.

While immersed in your daydreams, you may experience creative ideas, divine intuition, and much more. If you spend time imagining in your inner world for a week, I  am confident you will soon experience opportunities, and "God winks," in your outer world.  

This inner work "tills the soil" of the subconscious mind.  And the subconscious mind always dictates what we manifest, attract, experience, and sustain in our conscious waking life. 

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always got. This exercise and habit of taking a little time to go into your inner realms and play, can support you in experiencing more love, having more fun, cultivating greater success, and attracting more prosperity.   

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it a try! Experiment and enjoy.  If you need further support, my guided meditations are designed to help you relax, reprogram your subconscious mind for what you really want, and get into a great feeling state.  

Be in touch with any thoughts, revelations, questions or stories at And if you haven't already, download my free "Path to Prosperity Program" (complete with guided meditation) at I look forward to hearing from you!  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Self Forgiveness

As soon as we can relinquish any notion that we are unlovable, release any judgement of ourselves, and forgive ourselves for anything we feel guilty or ashamed about, is the very moment we will start align with our soul, and be carried in a more positive, joyful prosperous direction in our lives.

Everyone has made mistakes and we have all done things we wish we would not have done.  Gosh, if I could go back in time, I sure would make some very different decisions and definitely more empowered and love-based choices. While forgiving others has, at times, been very challenging, forgiving myself has been nothing less than excruciating.

A teacher once told me “Everyone is doing the best they can given their level of consciousness.”  That was a revelation. Especially when I applied that concept to myself.

Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality and as long as we hold onto any notion that we are less than adored, adorable, lovable and worthy, our lives cannot reflect back to us what we consciously want.  We all deserve incredible relationships, prosperity, joy and great love, but if we harbor toxic guilt, shame or judgment we cannot attract and sustain what we truly desire or deserve.

Forgiving ourselves, and relinquishing our shame, needs to start with an intention. After that, it is helpful to consider what it is we are judging ourselves for. 

For example:

I am overweight. I have been unkind. I am ugly. I have lied. I have cheated.

Next forgive those actions and/or judgments:

I forgive myself for weighing more than I like, I forgive myself for being unkind, I forgive myself for judging myself as ugly, I forgive myself for lying, I forgive myself for cheating.

The next step is identify the deeper or higher truths:

I may weigh more than I prefer, but the truth of who I am is love. I have been unkind in the past, but I was doing the best I could given my level of consciousness. I am not ugly, In this moment I accept myself, the Truth is I am as God created me.  I have lied to myself and others, but the truth is, I did not believe in myself or my power. 

Next make a vow to yourself to learn your lessons and expand in your loving.

For example:

I have made mistakes in the past, and in this moment I choose to forgive myself. I will consider how I can make amends to others and myself.  I choose to open my heart to my own acceptance, love and forgiveness. I choose to open my heart to the Love of my Creator. The truth is I am powerful, I am lovable, and I can let myself off the hook and receive God’s healing grace.

We were all created from the energy of Great Love.  And we incarnated to learn the lessons of love. We did not come here to be perfect, we came here to love, be loved and learn to be loving more and more of the time.  This is the journey of the hero - and we are all on it.

As parents we do not withdraw our love for our child as they learn to walk, and as they stumble and fall.  And neither does our Creator withdraw His/Her love as we make choices based on fear.

Forgiving ourselves rarely happens all at once. It tends to happen layers and is a “healing process.”  But if we can set the intention, relax, forgive ourselves, open our heart to the love that is within us and all around us, our Creator celebrates. We begin release our resistance, we transform and miracles will start to naturally ensue.

Today my life works. My relationships are supportive, I manifest prosperity doing what I love, and I experience synchronicity every day.  I know it would have been impossible to manifest this life for myself, if I had not first made the choice to forgive myself.

If you would like support in your healing process, I have guided meditations designed to support you gently, and with grace and ease.  Check out my library and see if any of them resonate for you.

And please be in touch with any thoughts, revelations, stories, prayer requests or questions.

You are in my heart and prayers, and I am sending you blessings of grace, ease, self-forgiveness, freedom and great love. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Are You Ready for More Love?

I am known by many as a Relationship Expert and a Prosperity Coach.  But I did not come by these titles easily!  I have made many mistakes and struggled intensely with love - and money!  But now I know the terrain well and am currently on the other side of struggle.  Now want to support YOU in living a life of grace, ease and great love – IF you are ready to claim it, and IF you really want it.

Here are five simple steps you can take to open to more love in your life:

1.       Set your intentions!   Get clear and claim what it is you really, really want and WRITE IT DOWN. Intention setting is like giving clear direction to the Universe, and writing things down is the greatest predictor for manifestation.  It is also a way to “give roots” in the physical world to our heart’s desires. So if you want more love, you may write something like “I ready to claim and live a life of great love!” You may choose to into detail, or you can keep it as short affirmation that you can commit to memory, and repeat to yourself often.

2.       Treat others the way you want to be treated. What we put out, we get back. This is the law of attraction, resonance, karma or the “boomerang effect.” So if you want others to respect you, respect the people in your life. If you want appreciation and kindness, do things that represent appreciation and kindness.  Are there people you care about that you can send a thoughtful handwritten note to? Are you open to being someone else’s angel and participate in some random acts of kindness? Small action steps can open the door to huge miracles – and invite more love into your life!

3.       Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. We attract, and are attracted to people who treat us like we treat ourselves.  So, consider how you want to be treated - and treat yourself that way!  Look in the mirror and say the words you long to hear. Pay attention to the words you speak to yourself about yourself. And if they are not loving, plug in a “self- love affirmation” and change the channel back to K-LOVE!  

4.       Meditate! It has been said prayer is like talking to God and meditating is like listening to God. We all have the “still small voice of wisdom within” but most people don’t allow their minds to get quiet long enough to hear it!  You don’t have to be a marathon meditator, just 5 – 10 minutes in the morning of simply focusing on your breath, opening your heart, and asking your Soul Self or Source to share its wisdom, is enough to open the floodgates to grace, synchronicity, otherworldly guidance, and incredible heart-expanding love!

5.       Listen to guided meditations.  Guided meditations are simply meditation with a guide. They are the most powerful way I know of, to clear old habits of fear, limiting beliefs and dueling intentions, and claim a life of joy, prosperity and great love.  It is a way you can upload new positive content to your subconscious mind, that will serve your conscious mind, and help you manifest the life of your dreams.

Implementing these 5 simple steps can change the course your life is a positive and empowered way! And if you are ready to uplevel the relationship you are in, want to attract love, desire a more loved-based life, or are ready to cultivate deeper self-love, I am offering my brand new “Manifesting Love” program at

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Abundant blessings of grace, ease, prosperity and great love!