Saturday, April 11, 2015

Self Forgiveness

As soon as we can relinquish any notion that we are unlovable, release any judgement of ourselves, and forgive ourselves for anything we feel guilty or ashamed about, is the very moment we will start align with our soul, and be carried in a more positive, joyful prosperous direction in our lives.

Everyone has made mistakes and we have all done things we wish we would not have done.  Gosh, if I could go back in time, I sure would make some very different decisions and definitely more empowered and love-based choices. While forgiving others has, at times, been very challenging, forgiving myself has been nothing less than excruciating.

A teacher once told me “Everyone is doing the best they can given their level of consciousness.”  That was a revelation. Especially when I applied that concept to myself.

Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality and as long as we hold onto any notion that we are less than adored, adorable, lovable and worthy, our lives cannot reflect back to us what we consciously want.  We all deserve incredible relationships, prosperity, joy and great love, but if we harbor toxic guilt, shame or judgment we cannot attract and sustain what we truly desire or deserve.

Forgiving ourselves, and relinquishing our shame, needs to start with an intention. After that, it is helpful to consider what it is we are judging ourselves for. 

For example:

I am overweight. I have been unkind. I am ugly. I have lied. I have cheated.

Next forgive those actions and/or judgments:

I forgive myself for weighing more than I like, I forgive myself for being unkind, I forgive myself for judging myself as ugly, I forgive myself for lying, I forgive myself for cheating.

The next step is identify the deeper or higher truths:

I may weigh more than I prefer, but the truth of who I am is love. I have been unkind in the past, but I was doing the best I could given my level of consciousness. I am not ugly, In this moment I accept myself, the Truth is I am as God created me.  I have lied to myself and others, but the truth is, I did not believe in myself or my power. 

Next make a vow to yourself to learn your lessons and expand in your loving.

For example:

I have made mistakes in the past, and in this moment I choose to forgive myself. I will consider how I can make amends to others and myself.  I choose to open my heart to my own acceptance, love and forgiveness. I choose to open my heart to the Love of my Creator. The truth is I am powerful, I am lovable, and I can let myself off the hook and receive God’s healing grace.

We were all created from the energy of Great Love.  And we incarnated to learn the lessons of love. We did not come here to be perfect, we came here to love, be loved and learn to be loving more and more of the time.  This is the journey of the hero - and we are all on it.

As parents we do not withdraw our love for our child as they learn to walk, and as they stumble and fall.  And neither does our Creator withdraw His/Her love as we make choices based on fear.

Forgiving ourselves rarely happens all at once. It tends to happen layers and is a “healing process.”  But if we can set the intention, relax, forgive ourselves, open our heart to the love that is within us and all around us, our Creator celebrates. We begin release our resistance, we transform and miracles will start to naturally ensue.

Today my life works. My relationships are supportive, I manifest prosperity doing what I love, and I experience synchronicity every day.  I know it would have been impossible to manifest this life for myself, if I had not first made the choice to forgive myself.

If you would like support in your healing process, I have guided meditations designed to support you gently, and with grace and ease.  Check out my library and see if any of them resonate for you.

And please be in touch with any thoughts, revelations, stories, prayer requests or questions.

You are in my heart and prayers, and I am sending you blessings of grace, ease, self-forgiveness, freedom and great love. 

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