Monday, June 29, 2009

The Creative Process

When we make the decision to open more fully to our creativity, to heal, or to evolve we can be assured that life will change. The journey can be challenging but saying “YES” to these adventures will eventually lead us to our joy, our passion, our purpose and peace.

This weekend I hosted a Sacred Art workshop. One of my regular students, who is typically upbeat and talkative, was very quiet. When I asked her what was going, she told me she had a headache. I offered to massage her head and neck. It soon became apparent that she was holding some painful emotions down. I told her whatever it was she was feeling was fine and to let it come up. Her eyes immediately welled up with tears. She said the image of her goddess she was painting was all covered up with “stuff” and you couldn’t see her. I asked her if SHE felt covered up and unseen. A torrential downpour of tears ensued. The creative process “uncorked” some deep seated issues from her long ago past.

We went to another room and I handed her a pillow. I told her to let her feelings out. I then picked up a pillow and I started screaming into it, she soon joined me. I supported her in exorcizing her suppressed anger, sadness and angst. When she was complete, I asked her how her headache was…she said it was gone.

Erich Fromm, an internationally renowned social psychologist, psychoanalyst, humanistic philosopher was once quoted as saying: “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” I know from experience this statement is absolutely true. Creating can be joyful and fulfilling, it can also be overwhelming, painful and confusing. However, if we are willing to keep walking through the process, not only can it relieve us of our physical ailments, it can cleanse our emotions, give clarity to our minds and ultimately sooth our souls.

Are you a “creator,” evolving, or on healing path? If so, write me and share your thoughts or experiences, I would love to hear from you!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Sunday was Fathers day, and several people asked if I was doing anything special for my dad. The answer was no. Dad and I have not spoken in the last couple of years, in fact we have never had much of a relationship at all. It used to make me very sad, and I know the lack of a loving father as a child impacted and influenced me significantly as an adult. I had a multitude of unhealthy, painful relationships and was consistently attracted to men that ignored me or were unavailable. When this painful pattern became abundantly clear, I finally decided to take responsibility for my own healing work. I document this process and support readers in their own healing journey in my book Manifesting Love From the Inside Out.

I believe we become emotional and spiritual adults when we learn love ourselves the way we wanted our parents to love us. Most of us (or perhaps ALL of us) have been raised by imperfect people with their own flaws, trauma and wounds. Profound healing for me occurred when I realized my REAL Father was not my biological father, but God.

So for this Fathers day, I did not get a tie or a card for dad, but I did write my real Father a Thank you letter. Cultivating this relationship has changed my life in profound, positive and powerful ways. I often invite clients to write a letter to God, and allow Spirit to respond in return. They are always surprised by the sense of unconditional love and wisdom they receive. So, if you are ready for more love, support and wisdom in your life, give this simple exercise a try.

I invite you to share any thoughts, revelations with me at

Monday, June 15, 2009


I had a wonderful trip to Marina Del Rey! Now that life in Idaho has gotten really busy, I go to Los Angeles connect with my friends, relax and play. These qualities are so important to create peace and balance in our lives. While I was there I had “girls night” at my condo. We ordered room service, had some wine and watched Tinkerbelle. So, not only did we have quality girl time - we had some awesome inner child time!

In the story of Tinkerbelle we learn that each fairy is born with a special gift or talent: whether it’s making flowers grow, creating wind and rain, teaching baby birds to fly or giving fireflies their light. Tinker Bell does not believe her fairy talent as a “tinker” is as special or important, because tinkers don’t go to the mainland like the other fairies. But when Tink tries to be something other than who she is, she creates havoc and disaster! With encouragement from her friends, Tink learns that the key to solving her problems is found in her unique abilities … and discovers that when you stay true to yourself, magical things can happen.

Perhaps this movie was created for children, but it shares a beautiful message and a profound truth: We all have our own magic! There is no competition,only cooperation! Each of us is a unique and important piece of the whole puzzle and we all need each other. If we take responsibility for ourselves, cultivate our own gifts, and understand our innate value, life is filled with support, grace and beauty. My prayer is that you know your value and worth. Any thoughts or questions? Write me! Wishing you abundant blessings of magic, miracles and joy.


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mandala: Healing with Color

I participated in a workshop this week entitled “Healing with Color.” It was a wonderful opportunity to express ones emotions through the creative process. When students or clients are struggling with anger, grief, confusion or other challenging emotions, I often suggest they do “Stream of Consciousness Writing” or get a tennis racket out and beat up a pillow. This modality is another opportunity to exorcize suppressed fear, anger, hope, desire—the rawest human frailties.

Byproducts of the creative experience are greater self-awareness, the confidence to process feelings and emotions, and the ability to articulate and share these feelings and emotions with others When people express themselves creatively, they can document their experience in a profound way, thus creating a healing environment for themselves.

It is my greatest intention, hope and joy to support and empower others on their creative journey and I look forward to adding this to my tool box of workshops in the very near future.

In the meantime, if anyone reading this is experiencing any intense feelings, go inside and ask “what color (or colors) and shape is this feeling?” If you feel compelled, give it expression with crayons, paint, pens, pencils, markers or anything else that calls to you. Allow the process to unfold organically, without censorship or judgment. You may find that you feel better and more “clear” afterwards. You may also have profound revelations. If you decide to explore this creative healing process, please write me and share your personal experience.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mandala Monday

Well it is Mandala Monday - what does that mean? Every Monday I will be posting a new blog and a new original image of one of my Mandalas. Mandala is Sanskrit for “sacred circle” or “container of essence.” I have been creating them sine 2002. I stumbled upon them accidentally while completing a masters program in spiritual psychology. Everyday for a week, we would do a brief guided meditation, ask our hearts for a healing symbol, then create the image that had come forth. That experience changed my life!

Beautiful colors and patterns emerged in my minds eye and reproducing them provided me with a sense of peace that I had never known. It felt as if my soul was humming. My drawings soon evolved into paintings. I have since became a “Certified Mandala Facilitator” and worked with children, troubled teens, women in prison, the educational system and many individuals. The process never ceases to amaze me.

All of us have such beauty and wisdom within, however, most of us are not taught how to effectively access these gifts. The Mandala is a tool, map or guide to the center of our being and for me it has truly revealed the kingdom of heaven within.

So just now, if your would like, take a cleansing breath, consider an area in your life that you would like support or clarity around, then close your eyes and ask your heart to reveal the perfect healing symbol for you right now. This symbol can give you solace and healing on many levels. And, if you feel so compelled, create this symbol with pencils, crayons, markers paint or any other medium that calls to you. Then write me with any comments, questions or to share your experience I would love to hear from you!