Monday, June 1, 2009

Mandala Monday

Well it is Mandala Monday - what does that mean? Every Monday I will be posting a new blog and a new original image of one of my Mandalas. Mandala is Sanskrit for “sacred circle” or “container of essence.” I have been creating them sine 2002. I stumbled upon them accidentally while completing a masters program in spiritual psychology. Everyday for a week, we would do a brief guided meditation, ask our hearts for a healing symbol, then create the image that had come forth. That experience changed my life!

Beautiful colors and patterns emerged in my minds eye and reproducing them provided me with a sense of peace that I had never known. It felt as if my soul was humming. My drawings soon evolved into paintings. I have since became a “Certified Mandala Facilitator” and worked with children, troubled teens, women in prison, the educational system and many individuals. The process never ceases to amaze me.

All of us have such beauty and wisdom within, however, most of us are not taught how to effectively access these gifts. The Mandala is a tool, map or guide to the center of our being and for me it has truly revealed the kingdom of heaven within.

So just now, if your would like, take a cleansing breath, consider an area in your life that you would like support or clarity around, then close your eyes and ask your heart to reveal the perfect healing symbol for you right now. This symbol can give you solace and healing on many levels. And, if you feel so compelled, create this symbol with pencils, crayons, markers paint or any other medium that calls to you. Then write me with any comments, questions or to share your experience I would love to hear from you!

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