Monday, July 13, 2015

Is Your Life Built on a Foundation of Fear? Or Love?

We live on an amazing planet!  Anything that can be found in heaven can also be found on Earth.  I also believe this is a plant of duality and encompasses the extremes. So, though it can be heaven, it can also be a place of anguish, deep fear, and immense pain. 

When I was younger, without consciously knowing it, I had built my life on a foundation of fear. It was simply what was "handed down to me." Unknowingly, I did my best to control things, and I felt unworthy, unlovable, and unimportant.  Surprisingly, things did not go so well.  My health was “not great,” my relationships were “challenging,” and my prosperity was “minimal.”

Then one day, someone posed the question Einstein deemed as the MOST important question we can ask and answer for ourselves: “Is the Universe a safe a loving place or not?”

My knee jerk response was NO! Definitely NOT SAFE!  Look at how the bad guys win, look at how I have been taken advantage of and abused!  Look how I struggle and suffer! Then I had an epiphany …perhaps I was suffering, struggling, being abused, and taken advantage of BECAUSE I did not believe the Universe was safe and loving – BECAUSE I held a deep, buried, subconscious belief that I was NOT supported and loved.

In that moment,  I decided to be like a spiritual scientist.  I decided to “pretend” for a while, that I WAS safe, I WAS loved, and that the Universe WAS on my side.  For just a little bit…maybe a week or two. And if things did not go well, I could go back to this current way of being, that was really not working for me. 

I then chose to have an authentic conversation with the Universe, and share my plan and intention:

Dear God, Universe, All that Is, or Whatever made me:

I have to admit, I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel like you like me very much.  I don’t feel loved or supported. But I am willing to open my heart and mind to the possibility that I am. I am willing to try different way of being…for a little while.  In this moment I invite You in.  I am choosing to relax, surrender, and trust You.  I ask that you guide me, protect me, and bring to me whatever it is you want me to have.  In this moment I open my heart to You,  and now I take a deep breath, and relax into a sense of safety, peace, and into love.

Thank you, Amen, and So it Is.


Then I relaxed.  I imagined what it would feel like to be loved by the Universe. In the mornings I would visualize being on a fluffy white cloud surrounded by angles, sweetness and love. At night I pretended I was being rocked to sleep by a really nice, loving and supportive God who deeply cared about me.  I started taking the beauty of the sunsets, the beach, mountains, butterflies and all of nature personally. I opened my eyes and started scanning the horizon, I was looking for the "good things," the positive things, the beautiful things, and chose to perceive them as “proof” that I was loved.

This was radically different from my previous way of being, and the concept of the hell-fire and brimstone God I lived with for most of my life.  It was also a significant shift to lay down my burden of worry, and the heavy toxic bag of fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame I had been carrying around for as long as I remember.  And as I did, I felt such relief!

Almost immediately I was met with “winks” from the Universe. A great job opportunity presented itself, people seemed to be kinder and more complimentary, I sold a couple of my paintings and was commissioned to do another one. My headaches dissipated, my stomach stopped burning so much, and I dropped a couple of pounds without even trying! 

After a couple of weeks, I felt a radical transformation was underway.  My “experiment” seemed to be going quite well!  Now, more than a decade after embarking upon my “I am loved by the Universe experiment” I am happy to report, I never did go back to that other way painful of being.

Today I am absolutely confident the Universe IS a safe and loving place. This does not mean challenging things do not happen, it does not mean life does not hurt sometimes. What it does mean is that I no longer take painful situations as an indication that I am unloved, being punished, or unworthy. Bumps and bruises along this human journey are inevitable. However, what I have accepted and deeply know to be true, is that God adores me, as he does every one of His children. And because I have accepted this as my personal truth,  I get to experience a life of peace, safety, prosperity, awesome relationships, inspired creativity, vibrant health, and great love.  And I KNOW I would NOT be in this place, and living this amazing life, if I had not consciously decided to open my heart, invite God in, and relax into a faith-based, loved-based relationship with the Universe.

What I know for sure is that we were created by love, for love and with love.  But we live on a plant of free will and choice. A loving relationship with our Creator will never be forced on us. Each one of us needs to take personally responsibly to open our heart and mind to love. We must each make the conscious choice to invite love in and partner with the Divine. And I think the angels and God celebrate when we do!

There is so much love and support for you here. Do you believe this? And have you opened your mind and your heart to receiving it?  If you have, you know how wonderful life can be!  And if you have not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this experiment a try!

If you would like support, please be in touch and I will share with you a free written "Inviting Love In" prayer and MP3 guided meditation.  I created it with love for anyone who wants to expand into a more love-based partnership with the Universe. Just email me at and I will send it right over to you. 

Sending you blessings of peace, joy, prosperity, grace, ease, and great love.

Reverend Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

P.S. If you would like to listen to my interview with John Crewdson at Modern Day Qi Magazine and hear more about transcending fear, the three reasons we incarnate, living a life of faith and great love, copy and paste the following link into your browser:

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