Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My husband decided we needed to go on a family vacation this year, so we made plans to take our yacht to Catalina Island. The boys (ages 17 and 11) were very excited. We have a new jet ski, snorkel, fins and various other water toys. It sounds like a fun- filled vacation don’t you think? What we did not anticipate was the rocking and rolling of the sea! Once we arrived at Avalon Bay and got ourselves moored, the rocking really ensued. It wasn’t long before the family was various shades of green.

I descended below deck and as the boat weaved and bobbed, I felt disoriented and nauseas. I realized this could be a pretty painful week. Carl Jung once said “what we resist persists.” I knew it was futile to resist the ocean, so I consciously decided to find center, make peace with situation and make friends with the waves. Life improved immediately.

To center myself, I sink into the area of my solar plexus (right below the belly button) and become aware of the flow of my internal energy. When I sink into my center, I feel very peaceful, present, calm and connected. My husband and his kids needed Dramamine and lots of shore time, while I felt the sea was embracing me, loving me and rocking me to sleep. Once again my “journey to center” and the power of intention vastly improved my vacation - and my life! If you have stories about centering or the power of intention, please share them with me! Also please check out my website at www.journeytocenter.com.


  1. Nice post, Tammi. Always good to get centered, regardless of the circumstances - rough seas are as good as any, huh? Do you know my friend, Tom Crum? Visit him when you have a chance at http://www.aikiworks.com/. You both have lots in common.


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