Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Try a Little Kindness

Have you ever had the experience where life just flowed along effortlessly, when you felt supported and blessed? Alternatively have you ever felt really stuck, when nothing you do seems to work? I used to get very upset and confused when those “stuck times” occurred. I now look at it differently, I take it as information from the Universe that it is time to relax, go inward and take care of myself.

People often mention how blessed I seem to be and I would agree. However, it wasn’t always this way. When I was mean to myself, life was unkind. Now that I constantly check in with myself and ask the questions “what honors me now? or “how can I be gentle with myself? Life has seemingly transformed in miraculous ways.

Last week I felt a bit stuck. I kept making calls and trying to make things happen, then, I remembered I was preparing to go into an intensive healing art program - the light went on! It was time to go into my cocoon and be quiet and kind to myself. I shifted gears and relaxed. Buddha has said: “There is no out there,” everything that happens is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. So, if you want life to be nicer to you, start being nicer to yourself. Be kind, gentle and honor yourself, then wait for the miracles to happen!

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