Monday, November 2, 2009


This week I am going to discuss the balancing act of being divine and being human. Most of us have heard the saying “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” What does that mean? To me it means we are much more than we think we are. The human aspect is a very small, yet very important part of who we are. It is helpful when we are in great pain or emotion, (anger, grief, sadness) to remember there is an aspect of ourselves that is peaceful, safe, content and happy. Often our discomfort can pull us out of our center and into the chaos of life. This is natural, but it can be helpful to remember, that we are much more than our small selves, our stories and our pain.

I believe as humans we are here to experience and explore. Our greatest gifts (and challenges) are free will and choice. This can be fun and exciting; it can also be painful and confusing. What I have found to be helpful in those painful and confusing moments, is to remind myself that life can be like WATCHING a movie, not BEING the movie. Sure that is a choice, but when life is challenging, it can help to have a more removed perspective and some space between oneself and their story.

Challenging relationships are one of the richest areas for both confusion and growth. So often people want to hold on to their stories of being a victim, being wronged or taken advantage of that they never see the situation as it was meant to be…an opportunity for growth, healing and learning. I once had a student I found very challenging. I thought if she would go away it would make things better and easier. What I did not see for some time was she my teacher. I had set an intention to get stronger, so here came an individual to help me claim that intention. When she showed up, I felt confounded and confused by her deeply entrenched victim story. All the while, I perceived myself as a victim of her energy! When I finally extracted myself from the movie, backed up, got into the seat at the theater and asked myself; what is my soul trying to learn? The answer was strength, courage, speaking up and clear boundaries.

The divine part of me wanted to embrace this student, the human part, not so much. So I honored my spirutal aspect (I love you and honor your journey) and I honored my human aspect (this relationship does not feel good). So I released her with love, respect and a couple of recommendations to counselors who may be better able to support her. The lesson was big, uncomfortable yet profoundly liberating once I got it. Next time I will know more, and move through future challenging situations, with more grace, clarity and ease.

We have a choice to view everything on our human journey with a spiritual context. This is not only helpful but immensely liberating. Do you have a story to share? A question to ask? Comment me or email me directly at

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