Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Doesn’t feel like there is change in the air? It’s more than just summer surrendering to fall and more than simply one season fading into the next. It seems we are shifting into a completely different way of being and venturing into unchartered territory. I know for many of my friends and clients, there has been a sense of being disoriented, distressed and overwhelmed. Admittedly I have had plenty of those moments, however, I predominately feel a sense of excitement, optimism and anticipation.

It seems we are all being asked to step up our game and blind spots are clearly being revealed. I know my boundaries have been tested and my courage challenged, but I feel there are reasons for all of it. Sacred text advises us to “know thyself.” I believe the opportunity to cultivate self-knowledge and personal power is increased exponentially through challenge and change. The people who want to hold tightly to their victim stance are suffering more than ever, but if we are willing to let go of our story, sit with our challenging emotions, look within and go deeper, there is a wealth of wisdom available to each and everyone of us.

While dealing with confusing or challenging situations or emotions, I will sit still for a bit, quiet my mind and ask myself “what is my soul trying to learn” and “what is the highest good for all concerned,” the wisdom is always forthcoming. This inner counsel provides solace, advise, direction and guidance. It takes discipline to sit in silence, especially when pain or confusion is present - and the more we need it the more we seem to resist it. However, this simple practice can make change so much less confusing and painful!

I believe we are more divine than human and this present time is supporting us in knowing and embodying this truth. Taking the time to quite our mind and go within is a powerful way to reduce the chaos, reestablish our alignment to Source, and find our center. It is also a profoundly helpful practice as we continue to navigate through change and expand in our consciousness and awareness.

When we decide to stay in the center of our hearts it not only lights the way more clearly for ourselves, it lights the way for all of those around us. Be still, sit in the center of your heart and align with the light and wisdom within. These are indeed powerful and exciting times and I am happy to be here now - how about you? Let me know your thoughts and feelings, I would love to hear from you!

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