Monday, November 7, 2016

Living a Surrendered Life

Are you the ultimate authority in your life? Do you want to be? I believe the majority of people are doing their very best to control their lives. It has been said control is the master addition - control is also an illusion.

So, another important question to consider is: Do you trust the Universe? Do you think it is on your side? If not, you are likely to be a control addict. Additionally you are building your life on a foundation of fear, and no matter what you try to create or manifest on this foundation, it will be virtually impossible to experience a sustained happy, joyful, peaceful and prosperous life.

Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality, if one's core beliefs are fear based, there is no way for them to experience a joyful, grace-filled, happy and love-based life. 

When we learn to surrender, when we open our minds to the notion the animating force of the Universe is love, and that we are worthy of receiving this love, the natural by product is the ability to relax, feel a sense of support and deep peace. 

When we open our mind to surrendering to love, the fog of fear can start to dissolve and the clouds of confusion can dissipate. When we release what we are not, which is fear, we naturally ascend into the truth of who we are, which is love.

Grace and Divine guidance cannot be forced upon you. You have to open your mind to it, invite it, relax and receive it.  This is done through the process of surrender.

When we trust the process of life we become more peaceful and present. Rather than being angry about the past and worried about the future, we relax, soften,  and become more conscious, available and aware in the moment.  

The present moment is the place where miracles, magic and Divine communication can occur. However, if we are to busy worrying, holding things together and trying to control things, we are distracted and unaware; we miss the beauty, love, synchronicity, support and blessings that are all around us.

If feels so much better to relinquish the death grip on the steering wheel of life, relax and slide over the into the passenger seat. When we surrender, we invite and allow that something greater: God/The Universe/Creator/Spirit to take over the helm and guide us in the direction that is for our highest good.  

Our ability and relax into surrender can boil down to our deep internal sense of value. If we believe we are loved, safe, valuable and worthy, and if we subconsciously accept that we are supported by the Universe, a grace filled life will be the natural by product.   

Surrendering and relaxing to this something greater was not easy or natural for me. I had to open my mind to this possibility and consciously choose it.  I had to “experiment” with the notion that I was safe and loved. And as I did, life starting feeling better. Wonderful opportunities began to present themselves without me “efforting” to make things happen.I am now flowing with the current of life, with the wind at my back. And so can you.

Now that I know the universe is on my side, life is so much more fun, gentle, and grace-filled. My intention now is to help as many people as I can line up with their soul self, relax into faith and live a life they love.

You are loved, you are adored, you are a blessing and a gift to all of creation. The energy that breaths you, and beats your heart, wants for your happiness. Extend an invitation, relax, surrender to love, and allow this energy to be in relationship with you. Ask the current of life to inform you, guide you and carry you the direction that is for you highest good and highest good for all concerned. 

Sending you blessings  of peace, joy, grace, ease, miracles, Divine alignment and great love,  

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D 

If you haven’t already received my Surrender guided meditation, be in touch with me at and I will send it over to you.

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