Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Zen teaches us that pain is the universal great awakener - I know for me this has been true. The pain and disillusionment of life has brought me to my knees, and starkly revealed that I have much less power (and wisdom) than I think. Pain is frequently the catalyst that brings us to the place of earnest prayer. During these interesting and difficult times, I see people’s hearts and minds cracking open. Many are starting to have authentic conversations with God - which I doubt would have happened if life was going along smoothly.

So what is pain supposed to be waking us up too? The fact that we are no different, better, or worse than anyone else. Pain insists that we release our white knuckled grip on life, our attachments, and the youthful notion that we are all powerful and in control. I love the acronym for EGO: Edging God Out. From ego, it is easy to live life from the position of seperateness, superiority and self importance. Rather than living from EGO, I now live from IGO. I translate this to mean: Inviting God Only…OR I Go with God. You have probably heard the saying: the same energy that can turn embryos into babies and turn the planets around the sun, can take care of your life – if you let it. So when we invite God in, we are aligning with the Creative Intelligence that does such an amazing job in nature: with the animals, the seasons, the stars and beyond.

So, it seems to me that many, many people are inviting God in right now and lining up with Source. Can you feel the shift? Such intense energy: cracking opening and awakening. It feels we have been stuck in the middle of the hour glass for a long time, and yes it has been painful, but it has also been a blessing. It has helped us prioritize, grow up, set strong intentions and go deeper in our spiritual connection. It is when the roots grow really deep that we can withstand the hurricanes, the tornados and category 5 storms.

So how are you feeling? Are you living in EGO or IGO? Are you optimistic and feeling relief? Or are you still pinched and pained? Write to me at yes2miracles@aol.com and share your experiences, thoughts, questions and ideas. I love hearing from you!

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