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Don’t you just love synchronicity? Anyone who knows me even a little bit, knows I LOVE synchronicity! Carl Jung coined the term in the 1920’s and referred to it as “meaningful coincidence.” In other words, God is winking at you and the Universe is communicating with you directly, lovingly and personally.

Recently peacock feathers have been coming to me in dreams and in physical world reality. It made me curious about the message they may carry. My research revealed some interesting facts about the history, beliefs and legends of this strangely magnificent creature.

Something I learned was the peacock has the unusual ability to eat poisonous snakes without being harmed. In ancient Egypt the bird became a symbol of immortality and resurrection, because of the peacock’s assumed incorruptibility. This, in turn, led to the custom of the feathers being used at funerals, meaning that the deceased person was not really dead, the spirit survived and eventual rebirth was assured. In Christianity, the peacock once again is the symbol of death and resurrection. Perhaps another reason for this symbology is peacock feathers are shed, replaced and renewed annually.

Marianne Williamson has often talked about beauty, color and iridescence of peacock’s feathers coming from the activity and pain of digesting thorns. As humans we digest the thorns and walk through the pain of our lives, and through this process we are refined, humbled and transformed into more authentic, luminous and beautiful expressions of the Divine.

So for me, the personal message I have gleaned from the peacocks repeated visit to my consciousness, is death to an old way of being, the shattering of the ego and the purging of shame. It is also the rebirth into a new and unexpected place of beauty, awareness, confidence, and celebration. Yes, it seems we are right on track with this one! So many of my clients, friends and students are currently dealing with these lessons - these subjects have also been the fodder of my recent musings, blogs and radio shows.

So, once again, it seems to boil down to this: Do you believe the Universe is a safe and loving place or not? As I was meditating about current challenges, a question dropped into my awareness: “Do you believe God loves you? Um, yes? Do you believe that God wants you to be happy? Um, yes? Do you believe that everything happening is for the highest good of all concerned? Um…..yes?" Then I hear, “Can you say “yes” without question marks at the end?” Um…maybe?

It feels like we are being asked if we are really committed to this human adventure. Are we really ALL THE WAY IN? The mind cannot serve two masters: So are you frantic or faithful? Do you choose love or fear? It seems we are being honed and refined and being invited to go deeper. Yes, things are uncertain, and yes life can be scary and strange, but for me the peacock is yet another synchronistic messenger to remind me that all is well, we are loved, and to encourage us in saying “YES!”

Join me and say YES to:

All aspects of beauty


The ability to see into the past, present, and future



Rising out of ashes

The journey from confusion and death to rebirth and resurrection!

I invite you to write me with your thoughts or feelings at . And know that I am sending you blessings of grace, ease, healing, expansion, transformation, revelation and great joy!

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