Monday, August 9, 2010

Claim your Good Now!

I was sitting in unmoving and unmerciful LA traffic the other day thinking to myself OMG I am SO annoyed! Anger and frustration were bubbling and brewing as I muttered at the other drivers that were in my way. I thought, once I get home I can relax, align and feel peace. Then another thought dropped into my awareness, I can choose that experience now - why do I have to be home sitting on my couch to feel the presence of Spirit? I can choose peace and connect with Spirit in THIS moment. I laughed at the simplicity of the thought: God is available in every minute - every second, every millisecond! I felt the dark cloud of discomfort dissipate, and a ray of sunshine pierced my consciousness. I felt Spirit smile and my connection to the Divine was reestablished – right there in the midst of crazy LA traffic!

Many people are struggling financially, emotionally and in their relationships right now. Not many would argue that these are strange and tumultuous times - but even in these times, God is present and our connection to Him/Her is available. I know I have thought to myself, once I finish my book THEN I will feel peace, once I make the money THEN I will be content and happy, once I am on vacation, THEN I will relax. Many people are peddling hard and fast to their future to arrive some perceived destination or cross some finish line where they can finally feel better. But what is that destination? Where is that finish line? I wonder how many people get to the end of their lives and think, why was I in such a rush? This must be what Ekhart Tolle was talking about in his book, the Power of Now. “Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.”

Because our lives are reflections of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, our outer reality changes AFTER our inner reality shifts. Most people want their outer reality to change so they can feel better. I say choose to FEEL BETTER NOW and then life will improve.

Ernest Holmes the founder of religious Science wrote these wonderful words:

My Good is complete; it is finished; it is now here
and is conscious of me and of mine.

I do not have to wait for my Good; it is at hand and ever
ready to spring forth and express itself to me.

I accept my Good and gladly acknowledge it to be
my daily companion.

My Good is mine now, and I can see it and feel it and know it.
Today I claim my Good.

Are you ready to claim your good? Are you ready to be happy? Are you ready to claim your connection with Spirit? I invite you to take a deep breath, allow your body to relax and imagine aligning with your soul. Feel the presence of God and know He/She is smiling at you. This is the relaxed state of connected awareness where you can be assured all is well, you are loved and life is good! Now get ready to expect miracles!

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  1. well said. God is always with us. in times of stress, I like to tell God what I am grateful for and thank Him. great blog, Tammi


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