Saturday, May 28, 2011

Creativity - Our Lifeline to The Creator!

“But I’m not an artist!” I hear this statement frequently from friends, clients,  and students.  Are you breathing? Yes?  Then you are an aspect of Creative Intelligence, therefore innately creative and intelligent. As human being we are creative beings, however, somewhere between 2 and 3rd grade we may have forgotten. Perhaps Little Johnny’s crayon rendition of a tree got picked for the art fair and yours did not. Perhaps you had a sibling who could draw really well, so you decided it wasn’t your thing, or perhaps you got a C in a craft class. Or maybe you KNEW you were an artist, but in high school or college you were told to pick a more logical career, or the term “starving artist” got stuck in your psyche. Whatever the reason the artist was put in the closet, or set to the side, I invite you to extend your hand to the creative aspect that resides inside of you, bring them out into the sunshine and into the world.

I know it can be scary to put the toe in the creativity pond, but we can go slow. Rather than going to the art store and picking up a 4 foot canvas, tubes of paint, and a dozen brushes, it can be less daunting to pull out old magazines and tear out pictures that make you happy. Then arrange them on a piece of cardboard or poster board. You may be amazed by a theme that emerges. This process can literally be a doorway to your heart, a portal to your soul and give you valuable feedback about who you are and why you are here.

Another suggestion is to look at the activities you participated in as a child… there is always valuable information about what aligns us to that something greater, to fulfillment, and joy. I have never gone into a kindergarten classroom while involved in an art project, where the children were not having a GREAT (and sometimes very messy) time. As kids we LOVE to play and create. It’s not about WHAT we create, it is that we GET to create! When we get back in touch with that joyful, happy, creative being, we naturally and easily come into alignment, greater health, and deeper fulfillment.

As a kid I loved to sit outside on the grass with crayons and pencils and draw. I also loved to collect colorful stones, play with clay, and pick flowers. As life became more serious, I put my “childish habits” away. Somewhere along the line I also started to get depressed, anxious, and sick. In my Masters Program at the University of Santa Monica, part of the healing process included inviting back the inner child. “Little Tammi” told me in no uncertain terms, it was time to create. I was scared, but I complied. As I did, I started to feel the fog of sadness lift, and a ray of golden sunshine pierce the gray that had become my life. Creativity, and my inner child, have been my constant companions ever since. And now I love supporting others in tapping into the well of fun, joy, beauty, and wisdom within.

As I hold the hands and hearts of my students when they come to an Art for Healing class or Mandala class, I assure them that everything is going to be O.K. They have already done the hardest part…they showed up. I make the process accessible, simple, and fun. By the end of the class many have said: “I can’t believe I created that!” Well, you didn’t do it alone, God did it through you! This is why I create and why I support others in creating. It is a lifeline to the Divine.

If you are ready for a more fulfilling life, greater health, more love, and more joy, consider creativity.  Look up classes in your area and see what ignites a spark inside of you. Ask your inner child what would be fun for them, and DO IT! Create a collage and send me a picture, I LOVE this stuff!

You can also go to my radio interview with creative genius, artist, author, inventor, jewlery designer and mother, Elizabeth Bryan at

Let me know your thoughts and be in touch if you need a "Creativity Coach" or want to share your creations. I would truly love to hear from you! God bless and may you have a happy, healthy, prosperous, and creative life!

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