Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change One Belief

Buddha has said the world is a manifestation of our minds. What we think and what we believe creates our reality, so when we change our beliefs, we can change our world as well as the trajectory of our lives.

Years ago when I was asked if the world a safe a loving place or not I immediately answered “NO” with great conviction. My life had been filled with plenty of proof loss, betrayal, lies and abandonment, nope, definitely not safe. Then a teacher I respected a great deal, Dr. Ron, shared with me his perception of God and the universe, he described God as: “My very, very best friend who wanted the very, very best for me”. Ron told me he felt safe, loved and very protected at all times. I thought, wow, what must that feel like? Then Ron said, “You can’t know unless you open your mind to that possibility”. So I decided I consciously chose to change my belief, if only temporarily, and be like something like a spiritual scientist. I reasoned if things did not work out, I could always go back to this other way of being that was clearly not working for me.

So one night, I lit a candle and chose to invite Spirit in relax and trust that I was loved and all was well. The Universe responded in kind, I was soon met with miracles, grace, and manifested a great job two days later. I am happy to report I never did go back to that other way of being.

William James has said: “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” As human beings we have free will and choice, we have the incredible opportunity to choose what we want to believe - and what we believe we will eventually experience. It is easy to get sucked into the drama and fear if we watch the news, or read statistics and reports about the economy, but we have a choice, and those choices are backed with incredible power.

Another belief I consciously changed was my opinion about relationships. I grew up in a home where I saw a lot of fighting, disrespect, discord and eventually divorce. I think I made a decision very early on that relationships are hard, and ultimately they do not work. So, guess what I experienced as I got older? Lots and lots of challenging, painful and unsuccessful relationships. One day someone said to me he knew he had met his wife, because things were easy Easy? It never occurred to me that a relationship could be easy! So I opened my mind to the possibility and then looked for examples of those kinds of relationships. I only found two, but that was enough to open my mind to the possibility. I created and ideal scene to manifest a husband and included the fun and easy part. have since manifested that relationship and 10 years later it is still fun and easy! I know if I did not change my belief about men and relationships, I would not have manifested this incredible partnership.

I personally know how changing a belief can change your life, so when I heard about an opportunity to submit a story about how changing a belief changed you life for a book, I knew I had to do it. Bob Burnham is creating an anthology about this very subject. You can listen to my interview with him on Empower Radio by clicking this link: http:// www.empoweradio.com/home/shows/journey-to-center/journey-show-info/876-June-2011---Author-Bob-Burnam-Tools-For-Writing-and-Publishing-Your-Own-Book.html

So, if you have a great story about how you changed a belief and it changed your life, check out www.changeonebelief.com and share it, you have no idea how you might be able to uplift and inspire another. And if accepted you will have the title “Amazon Best Selling Author” to add your resume!

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