Friday, May 16, 2014

Loving Yourself - The Purpose of Your Life!

“To learn to love yourself is really the purpose of your life.” When I first heard this from a spiritual teacher, I was confused. My identity was taking care of others, being selfless and being of service. Then they expounded on this life lesson. “In healthy relationships, you make God first, yourself second and others third.” How can this be? I was utterly baffled.

However, I had to admit, my relationships and my life were not wonderful. I had been dumped by my fiance, I had no real friends to speak of, I was struggling financially and things were “complex” with my family. I was not sure I believed what they were saying, but I was ready to try something radically different. So, I set the intention to learn to love myself.

As I put my “Learning to Love Myself” practice into place, there appeared to be a shift. People started treating me with greater respect and kindness. I have come to know this Truth. We are attracted to people who treat us like we treat ourselves, and outer reality is a reflection of inner reality. In other words, we need to treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us.

Here are some “Learning to Love Oneself” action steps:
1. Set the intention to love yourself
2. Ask yourself often: “What honors me now”?
3. Answer the question: “How can I be nicer to myself?”
4. Do loving things for yourself: Get a massage; Buy yourself flowers; Take a leisurely walk in nature, or enjoy a candle lit bubble bath.
5. Ask yourself: “What brings me joy?” And do it – even if it seems like a “waste of time” or silly.

Consider for a moment which you would rather receive: A cup of sludge from the bottom of a well that is depleted? Or a clear, clean cup of water from a well that is overflowing? Learning to love yourself first and foremost fills your gas tank, puts you on solid ground, and supports you in giving from overflow and abundance, rather than exhaustion and deficit.
Love you, honor you, care for you, so you can give the very BEST of you to those you love.
You cannot authentically love from the outside in, you can only truly love from the inside out. For more, check out my book Manifesting Love From the Inside Out.

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski,

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