Tuesday, March 1, 2016

You Are Royalty!

You are special in all the Universe! Of all the trillions of people, animals and life forms ever created, there has never been, and will never be another you! So, are you enjoying your unique expression? Are you celebrating your amazingness?  I don’t think most people are, and I think that is why most people suffer.

There is a saying in A Course in Miracles, “All of God’s children are special and none of God’s children are special.” This is because we are all made of the same glorious and magical “star stuff.” So many people (including myself) have struggled to “prove” themselves. Our society seems to promote competition as a way of being: In education, in sports, beauty contests and more. Many of us have been programmed to believe “If someone else wins, then I lose.”  And “There is only so much pie and I have to fight to get my slice!” 

This attitude promotes an ego-based way of being. Ego is sometimes used as an acronym for Edging God Out. And the ego can be a beast! It is a false mask which can become very heavy, burdensome and uncomfortable. It is roller coaster way of being where we believe “I am better than everyone” and then “I am worse than everyone.” And on and on it goes. 

There is no peace riding on the roller coaster of an ego based life!

I will suggest to anyone who will listen, consider a different way of being.  Open your mind to living from IGO. Inviting God Only. If someone is breathing, and their heart is beating, they are not doing this on their own. There is a force in all of us that is the spark of the Divine. Once I really thought about this and claimed it, I relaxed. I also became more open, authentic, present, respectful, compassionate and entertained by myself and others.

When we live from IGO, we can surrender the idea of competition and settle into cooperation. Rather than againstness, opposition and conflict, we created togetherness, teamwork and connection.  There is no more fighting for the pie. We realize there is more than enough to go around. In fact we can all have our own whole pie! And to make this EVEN BETTER, we do not have to settle for apple, or mincemeat, when we really want coconut cream pie!

We all deserve to celebrate ourselves and celebrate others. If you can imagine dancing in a big circle, sometimes we get to be in the center of the circle and be celebrated, and sometimes we are on the sidelines celebrating others. Our ego would have us puff up and play bigger than we are and say:  “I have to be in the center all the time.” The ego can also have us play smaller than we are and say: “I will hide in the background and sit on sidelines all the time.”

Everyone’s life is a reflection of their thoughts and beliefs. And as we claim, define and refine a more love based way of being within ourselves, our outer reality cannot help but follow suit.

Everyone is wired differently and everyone has awesome and unique gifts. I am blown away at what others can do. I also acknowledge that I have awesome and unique gifts – and so do you! Joyful celebration starts to occur when we give love and acknowledgement  generously, and receive love and acknowledgment graciously.  

 Something remarkable, healing, powerful and empowering happens when we realize WE ARE ALL SO AWESOME!

I have heard it said most humans are like princes and princesses playing around trash cans. If you want, and if you are ready, it is time for you to take your rightful place as a prince or princess on the planet. And remember everybody you meet is royalty too!

The truest truth is you are God's child and a royal heir to the Universe. He loves you unconditionally and immensely. You have great wisdom within you. You have valuable gifts. You possess unique propensities and talents. Can you relax and receive these truths? Are you ready to claim and embody this reality? If so, you will start to move in a more positive direction immediately. And if you choose to live from IGO consistently your life CAN and WILL be amazing!

For more about claiming your awesomeness, check out my website, books, guided meditations and free Prosperity Program at www.tammibphd.com and be in touch with any thoughts, questions, revelations or anything else you’d to share.

I am sending you, my soul sibling of royalty, blessings of grace, ease, appreciation, peace, celebration, prosperity and great love,

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D.

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