Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Lughnasadh!

On Saturday somebody said to me “Happy Lughnasadh” ….my response was “Huh?” I did a little research and found that Lughnasadh is an Irish holiday that marks the beginning of the harvest season and the ripening of first fruits.

This holiday represents that is our work is complete and we have done everything we can - even if the fruits of our labor are not yet evident. It is the time to come together with friends and family in celebration and laughter. If you are anything like me, we right on track! When I have prayed and asked God “What do I do?” I get the intuitive impression that Spirit is responding with “Relax.” Relax? But what do I DO? Relax! I understand now, I have done all I can do for now, it is time to relax and celebrate.

I love Abraham Hicks and I have often heard them say, “Celebrate NOW! Success is immanent!” When we relax and feel good, we are a magnet for good things. Yes, we have to take our action steps, and we have to plant our seeds, but once that part of the process is complete, it is time relax, feel good, be happy and know that great things are on their way.

Have you been taking responsibility for yourself? Have you planted your seeds? Are you relaxing in faith? If so, HAPPY LUGHNASADH TO YOU! Relax, celebrate, be happy - and write to me about your journey, I would love to hear from you!

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