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Today is a rather lengthy blog, because I am addressing the subject of “Prosperity.” It is a big subject and something many people currently struggle with. With so much in the media about the state of our economy, it is easy to buy in to the mass consciousness of fear, lack and scarcity. However, nature and spiritual teachings reveal the truth about abundance. When we observe nature we have the opportunity to witness creativity, support, love and breathtaking beauty.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the most important question we can ask ourselves; is the Universe a safe and loving place or not? If it is, we can rest assured that we are safe, supported and that we are SUPPOSED to have all of our needs met. However, as human beings, we have free will and the choice to direct our attention toward topics of main stream media, competition, scarcity and “not enoughness” or towards bigger Truths - the loving nature of Spirit and the abundance of the Universe. When we do this, we can relax and release our fear, knowing that we truly deserve all the gifts this world has to offer.

Prosperity is ALWAYS a state of mind before it is a state of being. The law of Prosperity dictates we must FEEL rich in order to attract riches. We break the law of prosperity and Universal support through ignorance and fear. I frequently hear people affirm their scarcity when they say “I can’t afford it,” or “I’m so broke,” or “I would love to do this or that but I don’t have the money.” When these types thoughts bounce around in our minds or are uttered aloud, the Universe conspires to support them.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are immensely powerful, and we consistently manifest what we believe we deserve. If we know we want to manifest more money and the Universe is prosperous, what is the problem? If it is not a conscious issue of unworthiness, it is material residing in our unconscious mind; this is the pinch in the hour glass and the location of our guilt, deep seated unworthiness, shame or diminished value. I believe we all have the capacity to manifest what I call our “Divine Prosperity” Abraham hick refers to this as our “Vibrational Escrow.” Everything we want and need is there waiting for us, we just need to line up energetically to receive it. As a hypnotherapist, one technique I use to support clients in manifesting prosperity is to release unconscious blocks. While in a light meditative state, I invite my client’s unconscious mind to reveal any block to their prosperity as a symbol. Then we dialogue with the symbol to discover its intention, (which despite any first impression is always positive), then we thank it , bless it and release it. Then I have my client relax into the feeling state of receiving, joy and prosperity. Miracles occur after unconscious blocks are dissolved: raises; unexpected windfalls, opportunities; synchronicity, and incredible support.

So if you are ready for more prosperity in your life, these are a few suggestions addressing the three states of consciousness:

1. The Conscious State: Say the words and think the thoughts that support you in attracting what you want. Create “Positive, Prosperity Affirmations.” One example of a Prosperity Affirmation is: “I am a magnet for magic, miracles and money!” Another powerful practice is gratitude. Be thankful for all the prosperity currently in your life and all that is on its way to you now. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, line up with it and use it to your advantage! Be grateful and you will attract even more to be grateful for.

2. The Subconscious State: Go into a light state of meditation and ask your unconscious mind to reveal any symbols, blocks or barriers to your prosperity, then dialogue with them. Why are they there? What are their intentions? Then bless and release them. Then get into the feeling state of receiving prosperity and living prosperously.

3. The Superconscious State: Meditate, relax and allow yourself to be lifted to the higher realms of love, support and peace. Get out of the mind (the place fear resides) and into your heart, the place of your higher nature, of co creation, connection, miracles and TRUE prosperity. Like a cork that raises to the surface of the ocean, meditation raises our vibration and our ability to attract good.

On a last note, I am available for personal sessions (by phone or in person) to support you in manifesting Divine Prosperity or Spiritual Counseling. You can email me personally at Please be in touch and share with me your positive, prosperity stories!

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