Monday, October 5, 2009


This morning I was feeling somewhat irritable. I decided to go sit down, be still and meditate. At the end of my meditation, I considered all that I have to be grateful for and started to create a “Blessings List.”

In the past, if I did not feel good I would attempt to run away from myself. I would do busy work, and like a gerbil on a wheel, I would run, but not really be productive or get anywhere. I have found out the hard way – outrunning anxiety or pain doesn’t work. In fact, I received a few speeding tickets and experienced a couple of fender benders while in this frustrated state of being!

As I created my list of blessings I felt my heart start to expand. As my list got longer and longer, I took a deep breath and began to feel more peaceful. I know this practice helps to calm me down, it increases my vibration and points me in a more positive direction in my day and my life. I also know this practice makes me a less selfish, more patient, and a more attractive human being! Instead of quickly running out of Starbucks with a frown on my face, I am more present and happily holding the door open for the next customer.

I believe our pain comes from our disconnection from Source. I also believe Source is the energy of love, compassion and appreciation. When we direct our focus on appreciation and our blessings, this helps reestablish our connection and line up with Spirit once again. Life ALWAYS works better from this state!

I went on to have a very productive day, I attracted wonderful people, had great conversations and manifested incredible support with some of my projects. Would this have happened if I was disconnected and grouchy? Maybe, but I doubt it. So, the next time you are feeling anxious, irritable, or just plain blue. Take some time to create a Blessings List, as you get into the groove, you may find your list getting longer and longer. You may also find that you are starting to feel better and better. Then give me a shout and let me know how creating a Blessings List worked for you!

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