Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Which Do You Choose? drama or Drama?

Have you noticed? Lots of people seem to enjoy drama. I think many believe they will be bored without it! I have to admit, I can relate. In my 20's and 30's I thoroughly enjoyed the really high highs... and perhaps even the really low lows. Many of my conversations with friends started out exuberance, passion (and probably more volume than necessary): "OMG, you won't BELIEVE what just happened to me!" Life was a roller coaster, and given a choice, I doubt I would have wanted it any other way.

But then I grew up, or simply got tired of the circus that had become my life. I finally set a new intention. Rather than seeking passion, I wanted peace. I love this quote from Thomas Merton: "Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony." I have certainly found this to be true for me.

As I surrendered the drama with a little d, I started to experience Drama with a capitol D: The drama of synchronicity and authentic heart connections with others. I began to revel in the exquisite beauty of nature and enjoy the healing energy of silence. As I started being more gentle in my life, life became more gentle with me.
This new way of being does not mean drama never occurs. I still experience challenges, misunderstandings, and frustrations. But what it does mean, as I move through uncomfortable situations, there is the presence of grace. I have found I enjoy greater patience and deeper faith: faith that life is good and that I am continually loved and supported.

I believe offering up my little drama to the Universe, helped me moved in more direct relationship with the Universe. Rather than dancing a dysfunctional dance with other people that also desired little drama, I am now waltzing with the Divine!

When asked how I moved from drama to Drama, I share these simple steps: 

1. Set the intention to surrender the little drama.
2. Invite peace, gratitude, gentleness and sweetness into your life.
3. Start and end your day counting your blessings and all that you are grateful for.
4. Meditate for 5-20 minutes a day.
5. Spend more time in silence and in nature.
6. When drama comes knocking, don't answer the door! (In other words if people try to engage you in dramatic conversation, change the subject or simply don't engage!)

These six simple steps can transform anyone's life dramatically (forgive the pun) within a week. IF they are ready and IF they really want to.

Despite what many believe, little drama does not make a person feel more alive. Vibrant aliveness comes from our connection to our life force. With that being said, Peace is not for everyone, but I sure know it is for me! If it's for you, give these 6 simple steps a try and then be in touch with your stories!

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