Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why Journey to Center?

People sometimes ask me why the name of my radio show, blog and website is “Journey to Center.”  What this means is the desire and intention to relax and reside in the very center of ourselves; the sacred space within.  When we live from our center, we are aligned with our soul.  It is like abiding in the safe haven within the eye of the storm. And though life still happens, and storms may still occur, from our center we can witness chaos without being consumed or beaten up by it.  Center is the space of equanimity and clear connection to the Divine. 

Have you ever had the experience of being “in the flow” or “in the groove”?  From this place life works easily, you feel happy for no particular reason, you witness miracles, beauty and synchronicity.  You also naturally attract awesome people and wonderful opportunities.  If you can relate to any of this, in those awesome moments, you were living from your center, and aligned with your soul self. The hard part of being human is getting back to that space once we step out of it!

This is exactly why I love to have conversations with other seekers/finders of consciousness, why I meditate, why I spend time in nature and why I paint mandalas. These are tools and activities that support me in coming back to center.  However, it often seems the further removed we are from this place, the more we resist doing what we need to do to get back to it!  It can be so compelling or enticing to go shopping, start eating, drinking, get on the phone, or watch some ridiculous television program. 

Yes, to live from center takes discipline. Are you going to meditate today?  Or are you going to distract yourself from yourself and go shopping?  It can be like getting physically fit, are you going to the gym today?  Or laze around and indulge in too much food.   Balance is key, but we need to spend 20 minutes in meditation and 30 minutes in the gym to have the fruits of those labors manifest.  To get to one’s center is simple...but it is not always easy.  The ego and/or personality does not like it very much, for the ego so enjoys indulgence and the illusion of control.  But our soul-self loves it! 

I found once I committed to my soul self, and let it take the lead, my life seemed to work more consistently with more grace and ease; and with less drama and chaos.   I find if I take care of my relationship my soul, the rest of my life takes care of itself.

So, what are some of the things you do to come back to center, to find your groove and to take good care of your Self?  How do you find your balance and the sacred space of peace within?  I would love to hear from you and begin our conscious conversation!

Also, listen to any of my podcasts on Empower Radio with my amazing experts and share your thoughts!

Blessings of grace, ease and sweet sanctuary!


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